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Organizing a utility room for functionality and storage space - Part One -

My profile Cartoon 2Whenever you designate a space in your home as a utility room, you run the risk of using the space for too many purposes. It becomes a storage space, a workshop, pantry, freezer space, wine cellar and laundry room.

And, as new items are brought into the home, older items are shuffled into these general use spaces and bury pre-existing items. It becomes a dark and dank corner of the home where objects go to be forgotten.

Even if the room was once functional, it soon becomes impossible to find or do anything in the space. The room becomes an unproductive and unappealing wasteland.

In the next 3 posts we will look at organizing a utility space so that it meets your storage needs and becomes a functional work space.


Part 1 Define the purpose of the room.

Part 2 Designing and organizing the space using online applications

Part 3 Practical practices when implementing your organization plans and goals.

Part 1: Defining the purpose of your utility space

It is easy to define most spaces in your home. That room is the den, that is the play room and that is the master bedroom.

It is critical to stamp a permanent purpose to a utility space. Defining a room will focus your organization assignment and your brain will automatically decide what should go into that room and what should not.

When you use general terms like “utility” room or “junk” drawer, you are inviting people to store any object into that space.

It is if you went into a kitchen and saw a dollhouse or a dishwasher in a bedroom.

Two problems arise with this scenario. First, it is impossible to know what is stored in that space and second, useless and surplus items fill up much needed storage space.

If you define it, you own it.

The process of defining a space:

For example, let us imagine that we are creating a laundry and storage space in a utility room.

After you define the room as a laundry and storage space you need to make sure that the area is going to meet your needs.

It is about optimization, so you do not want to undersell or oversell your definition of the space.

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Simple Productivity Tips: Magnificent Mornings

Imagine a morning without a frantic search for your keys or the dreaded feeling that comes with realizing you left your laptop at home.

With a few simple tips and some minor changes to your surroundings, you can feel reassured that you will never leave the house without everything you need for your workday.

End of the day daze

The clock strikes five, and the workday ends.

Thoughts of the day slip away and our minds fall into a trance. This trance leads us to our car, onto the highway, into our driveway and through the door.

By the time we emerge from this condition we are eating dinner, getting out of the shower or sitting in front of a television.

In the meantime, you unconsciously misplace your keys, bag, and wallet.

Adapting your environment

People use convention to organize and centralize their stuff. Keys hang by the front door because that is what conventional wisdom says they should go.

Yet, convention does not work for everyone. If a person has to train him or herself to place their keys in a certain spot, then it will only be a temporary solution.

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