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“Moving on up to the eastside!” What I learned about finding the right home


After nine years of working abroad, my brother is moving back to Canada. It seems strange that after living in places like Cambridge, Budapest and Majorca, he would settle back in Canada. Yet, the great white north seems to beckon back its ex-patriots.

He is now at a crossroad. With the possibility of this move being his last, he finally has the chance to settle in a home that meets his overall needs.

I have been in his situation, and I know the indecisions that can plague a search for a new home when you are fortunate enough to have the time, resources, and insight to pick a suitable long-term residence.

I believe I was successful because I was fortunate to find a balance between our needs and wants as a family.

My experience

My wife and I lived in a 600 square foot apartment for a year before we needed to move up to a new residence. The apartment was in a great location and only 40 minutes away from work, but Heather and I were crowding each other.

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